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We are part of Department of Systems Biology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics and Motor Neuron Center at Columbia University Medical Center.

With a mixed dry and wet lab setup focusing on RNA biology in the mammalian nervous system, we are always eager to recruit highly motivated individuals with relevant background from both computational and experimental sides. Particular areas relevant for our current projects include:

  • RNA biochemistry and molecular biology (experience in next generation sequencing based assays is a plus but not required)
  • Neural molecular and cell biology (e.g., characterization of neuronal cellular phenotypes using neurons from tissue sections, primary cultures and/or from differentiation of ES cells)
  • Probabilistic machine learning and algorithms
  • Computational genomics

To inquire about potential opening for postdoc and graduate student, programmer or technician, you can email Chaolin ( cz2294 [at] columbia [dot] e d u) with your CV.