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21 lab hiking2023.jpg

Beacon, New York. Lab hiking trip 2023! (Nov, 2023).

20 dsb retreat 20231012s.jpg

Systems Biology Department Retreat at in the Woodloch Pines Resort, PA. People enjoyed the gathering and the activities. Also congrats Yocelyn for winning the best poster award! (Oct, 2023).

19 cshl rna meeting 20230822s.jpg

Attending the Eukaryotic mRNA processing meeting at Cold Spring Harbor. Also great to see lab alumni Sebastien Weyn, one of the first PhD students graduated from the lab (August, 2023).

18 rna day 20230801s.jpg

Celebrating the RNA day! Paola designed a fancy cake for the Zhang lab!! (August, 2023).

Axe throwing 2022 dec s.jpg

Axe throwing champion - Lab Christmas party celebration, without PI of course (Dec, 2022).


Lab summer BBQ - 10 year lab anniversary & celebration of Melissa's new faculty position (Sept, 2022)

Lab lunch 2022jun.jpg

Lab lunch (July, 2022)

Georgia birthday 2022june.jpg

Celebrating Georgia's birthday (June, 2022)

Rna meeting 2022june.jpeg

RNA society meeting at Boulder, Colorado - the first in person scientific meeting after COVID (June, 2022)

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COVID19 - Not fun!

Lucky strike 2018dec.JPG

Lucky strike - Christmas celebration (Dec, 2018)

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Balloon girl shreded 2018nov.jpg

Balloon girl, shredded - a gift from an unknown friend in Europe (Nov, 2018)

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Lab bbq 2018 may.JPG

Lab BBQ party, Morningside park, NYC (May, 2018)

Sebastien graduation 2018may.JPG

Sebastien's hooding ceremony - one of the first cohort of graduate students (May, 2018)

Chinese new year 2018feb.jpg

Celebrating luna new year (Feb, 2018)

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Gilbert 2017oct.jpg

Wally Gilbert explaining where the names of exon and intron came from - 40 years of RNA Splicing Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Lab? (Oct, 2017)

Photo with frank 2017oct.jpg

Photo with Joachim Frank - current and future Nobel laureate? (Oct, 2017)

Cshl meeting 2017sept.jpg

RNA processing meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Lab (Sep, 2017)

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Dsb retreat 2017.JPG

Systems Biology Department retreat - somebody got a poster award! (Sep, 2017)

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Welcome party 2017july.jpg

Welcome new lab members! (May, 2017)

Bear mountain hike 2016nov.JPG

Lab hiking trip - Bear Mountain, New York (Nov, 2016)

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3.1 RNA meeting 2016june.jpeg

2016 RNA society annual meeting. Kyoto Japan (June, 2016)

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Lab bbq 2015oct.jpg

Lab summer BBQ - Morningside Park, NYC (Oct, 2015)

Chinese new year 2015feb.JPG

Who makes the best dumplings ? - Celebrating the luna new year (Feb, 2015)

Lab 2013.jpg

How things got started. We got stuff, and people as well - Martin Jacko, Jie Wu, Qinghong Yan! (March, 2013)

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